What is Artex?

Artex is, world's first and only blockchain based art investment platform that you can easily trade and manage your fine art investments anytime. First-class fine art pieces insured in line with the transparent pricing of art experts from various countries, are tokenized on the blockchain in return for their insurance value. We believe into a world where not only a lucky and privileged few but everyone can invest in first-class artworks.

With the Artex's smart contracts, you can buy and sell the amount you want from the works listed in the market. during the pre-sale process. The Artex Art Market aims to:

Providing liquidity to the stucked art market.

A democratic distribution of finance in the art market.

Supporting art and artist rights with a magnificent transparency.

A Crypto exchange based on a physical and valuable commodity.

How it works

Artex ecosystem based on blockchain and we solved issues of current and future


Why Buy Artex Token Now

The digital currency of the Artex ecosystem is Artex Token. Artex token will be used for the function of all privileged functions of the platform and for shopping transactions.

Low Total Supply

Artex has only 100m total supply. First year the circulating supply will be only 50m.

A Promising Future Project

Artex is, world's first and only blockchain based fine arts exchange platform. It is the future of art market and one and only in its field.

Low Market Cap

You will be an investor in a project with great potential very early. Artex provide a future of arts.

Launch Details

Launch Platform
Launch Type
Fair Launch
Liquidity Lockup
365 Days
Launch Date
27-28 July 2022
PancakeSwap Listing
28 July 2022


ARTEX Token has fixed maximum supply of 100.000.000 (100 million) in a way that cannot be changed. Maximum trading tax is %10 (automatically %3 goes to all holders, %3 goes to liquidity, %2 goes to marketing wallet and %2 goes to development wallet.)

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